A Cheerful Apartment Palette

Explore this cheerful color scheme perfect for studio apartments and dorm rooms. Transitioning from warm to cool, mustard, blush pink, mint and dark green are grounded with a tinted white. This versatile palette brings optimism to smaller spaces in need of a refresh.

cheerful_0003_4 Interior (2)

The tinted white Elk Skin | 0565 can create a refreshing yet tranquil space for bedrooms and dorm rooms. This natural hue will not only brighten but also make the room feel bigger. Avoid overcrowding and accessorize with bed linen and pillows in earthy ochres and terracottas and keep furniture and décor minimal.


cheerful_0002_5 Interior

Add a pop of color into your studio apartment with minty fresh Shimmering Glade | 0707. This color is perfect for bringing a youthful energy to alcoves and feature walls. Pair with brightly colored furniture for a balanced contrast.

cheerful_0001_6 Interior (1)

Or try a monochromatic scheme in pink with Stucco Wall | 1051. Apply to both walls and furniture and enjoy this tone-on-tone style in your study area.

cheerful_0000_7 Interior

Be color confident and opt for a dramatic and dark style. The cool, blue undertone of Cute Pixie | 0711 feels opulent and creates the perfect backdrop for ornaments and décor to stand out. Play with pops of pink and white in accessories and furniture to lighten the mood.

Whether completely transforming a studio apartment or wanting to add some personality to dorm rooms, this palette offers both playful and sophisticated styles. Bring your small spaces to life with this versatile palette.

cheerful_0004_Layer 1

Child of the Moon | 0914

cheerful_0003_Layer 2

Stucco Wall | 1051

cheerful_0002_Layer 3

Elk Skin | 0565

cheerful_0001_Layer 4

Cute Pixie | 0711

cheerful_0000_Layer 5

Shimmering Glade | 0707

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