Color Story No. 1 | Winter Grays & Beiges


Winter skies hang low with wet clouds and cold air. We hunker down in our homes during this season as daylight hours are short and the nights are chilly. There is a quiet peace to this time of year when trees are bare and neutral tones dominate the exterior landscape. By taking cues from nature’s winter palette we can tap into the soothing side of warm grays and beiges. Read on for some of our favorites.


Stone Fence | R026

Stone Fence | R026 is a sophisticated hue that mixes warm tones with cool vibes. It is light and airy neutral that gives the feeling of a modern white with the coziness of richer colors. Stone Fence | R026 compliments natural wood, textured art and hand-woven textiles. Add a touch of glam with brushed gold or bronze accents.

1_0004_Winter Gray 1
1_0003_Winter Gray 2

Sparrow | 0554

A hint of red makes Sparrow | 0554 the perfect dining room gray. Warmer hues promote gathering and lively conversation while darker hues add intimacy to a space. The complexity of Sparrow | 0554 makes it easy to pair with a range of design styles, from contemporary to traditional. Bring out the best in this color with bright white trim like Snow White | R008.


Nomadic Travels | 0524

All paths lead to home when painted with Nomadic Travels | 0524. Create a gentle welcome with this classic neutral that despite its name, doesn’t wander outside of being a true gray. This hue helps usher guests past the entry and into the heart of the home. Nomadic Travels | 0524 can stand alone in one room or flow into a whole house. Ornate trim is not required to set off this beautiful hue.

1_0000_winter gray 5
1_0002_Winter Gray 3

Hearthstone | 0567

An alternative to blue in the bedroom, Hearthstone | 0567 delivers on the calm but takes a timeout on color. Layer this hue with whites, creams, and browns to make an earthy oasis that eases you into rest. Consider bringing in darker woods to add harmonious contrast and fabric art or textiles to reinforce softness.

Zen Retreat | 0535

Zen Retreat | 0535

Living up to its name, Zen Retreat | 0535 offers a peaceful escape from the outside world when incorporated inside the home. Use in dining rooms or dens where connection and contemplation are the main focus. And don’t let the value of this hue deter you as it is actually its strength.

1_0001_winter gray 4

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