COLOR TOUR: A Mid Century Family Home in Portland

heather_0000_MillerApril22hvk's house02.jpg

Vermont Slate | H0149

Nestled in Southwest Portland’s Bridlemile neighborhood, this 1963 home looks fresh and modern with it’s Vermont Slate | H0149 exterior and contemporary accessories.

heather_0001_MillerApril22hvk's house05.jpg

Sugar Dust | 0011

Step into Heather and Greg’s home and you’ll find yourself surrounded by plants and details that celebrate the mid century era. Pale blue penny tile, warm walnut cabinetry and rich white Sugar Dust | 0011 walls make up the palette for what the couple consider the main room or their home: the kitchen!

heather_0000_MillerApril22hvk's house06.jpg

Sheepskin | 0566

Freya’s favorite spot is on the original 1960s tile in the home’s entry. Heather handpainted the chevron pattern on the wall using a foam brush and Sheepskin | 0566. More on this fun and easy DIY in the “How To” section of the Miller Paint blog.

heather_0002_MillerApril22hvk's house09.jpg

Vegetarian | 0430

Green is Heather’s favorite color, in case you couldn’t tell! The dining room is set apart from the open kitchen with an accent wall of Vegetarian | 0430.

heather_0001_MillerApril22hvk's house12.jpg

Vegetarian | 0430

Another view of the Vegetarian | 0430 dining room. We adore this green hue because it feels contemporary, but also grounded.


Deep Space | 0487

The living room features an accent wall painted with another of Heather’s favorite colors – Deep Space | 0487

heather_0003_MillerApril22hvk's house21.jpg

Graybeard | 0528

Graybeard | 0528 ties the fireplace to the dark mid century tile of the hearth. Cool colors, lots of texture, and natural materials help this space at the heart of the busy home feel serene.

heather_0004_MillerApril22hvk's house24.jpg

Place of Dust | 0539

The guest bedroom (which has also served as a home office for Greg since the beginning of the pandemic!) is painted with soft gray Place of Dust | 0539. Heather shares, “The home we lived in previously was an adorable Craftsman bungalow, and I used Place of Dust in that space and loved it. I knew I was going to use that color again in this home. I love it here, too, and really feel that this gray would work anywhere!

heather_0002_MillerApril22hvk's house36.jpg

The primary bathroom has a wallpapered accent wall, along with penny tile and walnut cabinets that continue the design thread from the kitchen. Our flagship Miller Paint in Portland’s Inner Southeast district is a fantastic place to source wallpaper for your next project.

heather_0005_MillerApril22hvk's house37.jpg

The family’s three kids all live on the lower level of the 1963 home. The main room doesn’t get much natural light, but all white Sugar Dust | 0011 walls and brightly colored accessories help brighten the space.

heather_0006_MillerApril22hvk's house43.jpg

Princess Irene | 1209

“I can’t even count how many different colors our kids’ rooms have been over the years! I really enjoy painting, and kids' rooms are so much fun to update,” says Heather. Georgia’s current bedroom color is a pale lilac by Miller Paint called Princess Irene | 1209.

heather_0003_MillerApril22hvk's house45.jpg

Chinese Cherry | 0041


Tiny Pink | 1063

Magnolia’s room, also on the home’s lower level, gets great natural light which is amplified by the Sugar Dust | 0011 walls. Heather and Magnolia had fun painting stenciled shapes together in various shades of pink using Miller Paint Color Samplers in Chinese Cherry | 0041 and Tiny Pink | 1063. Check out the “How To” section of the Miller Paint Blog for more about this project!

heather_0007_MillerApril22hvk's house50.jpg

Marble Green | 0454

The three kids share a bathroom on the lower level of the home. Heather chose Marble Green | 0454 for the space in hopes that it would bring a sense of calm to this always busy space!


Thanks for giving us a COLOR TOUR! To see more of Heather and Greg’s colorful Portland home, search #our1963portlandhome on Instagram.

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