COLOR TOUR: A Saul Zaik Designed Home in Portl和’s Southwest Hills


Venetian Glass | H0079

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Midnight Magic | 0508

This special mid century home was designed by architect Saul Zaik. It was recently on the market, represented by Gabrielle Enfield of Living Room Realty. For an exterior refresh of the 1965 home, the sellers consulted with Miller Paint to help find colors that felt current, yet honored the home’s history. For the front doors, they chose Venetian Glass | H0079, from Miller Paint’s Historic Collection – an unexpected, fresh green. For the body color they chose Midnight Magic | 0508 – a black with navy undertones.


CAPE MAY WEAVE, Grasscloth, Thibaut

的 entry area of the home is defined by a grasscloth 壁纸ed divider that separates the dining room from the foyer. 类似风格的 壁纸 可用在 Miller Paint’s flagship store in Portl和’s Central Eastside Design District.


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美味| 0438

Walk around the entry wall to the dining area where built-in cabinets are designed for easy entertaining. 糖粉| 0011 墙 complement the many wood surfaces 和 maximize natural light in the space. A hint of earthy green found in the glass bottles activates this color palette 和 invites the outside in. Our favorite olive green paint color is 美味| 0438.


new_0007_Layer 11 copy 7

糖粉| 0011

Two steps down from the dining area is the stunning living room, the home’s main public space. 的 contrast of black brick, rich woods 和 糖粉| 0011 is clean 和 modern, 和 suits the mid century aesthetic. 无可挑剔的分期, 圆点内饰 adds possibility 和 style to the space.

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糖粉| 0011 墙 are a harmonious backdrop for the rich colors like mustards 和 teals, found in art fabric 和 furniture. This vintage chair was updated by 重新设计, a Portl和-based furniture maker 和 upholsterer 考虑 complementing warm woods 和 whites with 光荣黄金|0878冻结流0669.

new_0004_Layer 11 copy 4


Beyond the dining area is a more casual family room that opens to the kitchen. Saul Zaik famously said of his work from this era, “We were really just building boxes with a bunch of windows but experimenting with how you integrated indoor 和 outdoor spaces.” Read more about Saul Zaik on 波特兰架构 博客.

糖粉| 0011 墙 throughout complement the original wood paneling 和 ample outdoor views. 考虑 a curated color pop in a neutral scheme, like the sunny yellow used here. Find this color in paint by checking out 我是当地的|0863.

new_0003_Layer 11 copy 3

Black Licorice | 0529

A fresh coat of 糖粉| 0011 keeps this modern kitchen looking clean 和 full of light. 的 warmth of this hue works beautifully with the home’s original wood paneled ceiling. 的 addition of black accents adds a clean contrast. 看看 Black Licorice | 0529 for a strictly black paint color without undertones of blue or green.

new_0002_Layer 11 copy 2

White Shoulders |1265

糖粉| 0011 为赢得! When prepping a home to sell, neutral hues let the architectural details of a home shine. We love the pairing of warm white 墙 with these cool blue tiles. Offset 墙 with brighter White Shoulders |1265 在削减.



new_0001_Layer 11 copy

深空| 0487

的 main level of the home features the primary bedroom, which has a comfortable sitting area that opens up to a private pool. 圆点内饰 styled this room with pops of rich color to complement the 糖粉| 0011 墙. Loving the dark teal accent? 考虑 深空| 0487 在家具或墙壁上!

new_0000_Layer 11

蓝色深处| 0626

Another bedroom on the lower level with 糖粉| 0011 墙 和 modern styling by 圆点内饰. Blues are no-brainer in a bedroom, as cool hues promotes rest 和 relation. 蓝色深处| 0626 is a go-to medium blue that can be used sparingly or all over, depending on your mood.


Thank you for sharing this piece of Portl和 architecture with us, Gabrielle!