COLOR TOUR: Kimberlee’s Colorful Ranch Home

kimberlee_wide_0002_Copy of MIller Kimberlee's FEB21 Color Tour01

Wafer | E0119

A welcoming spot any day of the year, the front porch of Kimberlee’s circa 1950 ranch in Southwest Portland is painted in Wafer | E0119Black Licorice | 0529 trim.

kimberlee_tall_0000_MIller Kimberlee's FEB21 Color Tour05

Nomadic Travels | 0524

The Family’s Corgi puppy “Tucker” keeps an eye on the front yard from the entry. Original 1950 floors look contemporary 与 the soft gray of Nomadic Travels | 0524 on the walls.


kimberlee_wide_0001_MIller Kimberlee's FEB21 Color Tour09

Beryl Pearl | 0509

Just beyond the home’s entry is a large living room that the family enjoys sharing time together in. Kimberlee’s love of books is on display in a custom bookshelf painted 与 vibrant 蓝色的 Happy Tune | 0648. The walls are Beryl Pearl | 0509

kimberlee_wide_0000_MIller Kimberlee's FEB21 Color Tour11

Blue Period | 0690

The large dining table from local furniture maker Big Fir Designs seats the entire family (all seven of them!), Blue Period | 0690 makes the large room feel layered and sophisticated.

kimberlee_wide_0003_MIller Kimberlee's FEB21 Color Tour19

A sweet mix of frames and a collection of hand sewn doilies look fantastic on the Blue Period | 0690 dining room walls.

kimberlee_tall_0002_MIller Kimberlee's FEB21 Color Tour20

Happy Tune | 0648

Open shelving and classic subway tile complement the Happy Tune | 0648 lower cabinets in Kimberlee’s recently updated kitchen.

kimberlee_wide_0004_MIller Kimberlee's FEB21 Color Tour27

Old School | 0410

A light-filled sitting area just off the kitchen has a rich pop of Old School | 0410 on the lower section of walls. The combination of pink and green is one of Kimberlee’s favorites.

kimberlee_tall_0003_MIller Kimberlee's FEB21 Color Tour32

Perfect pops of green in the plants and on the walls- we love the way Old School | 0410 pairs 与 the vintage brick fireplace and Kimberlee’s colorful pillows!



kimberlee_tall_0004_MIller Kimberlee's FEB21 Color Tour40

Into The Stratosphere | 0627

Kimberlee chose Into The Stratosphere | 0627 for her bedroom walls and paired the deep 蓝色的 color 与 “Boho” style bedding and a wall-hanging from local artist Kim DeYoung.

kimberlee_tall_0005_MIller Kimberlee's FEB21 Color Tour45

A work-from-home corner in the primary bedroom is bathed in natural light and layered 与 rich, 蓝色的 Into The Stratosphere | 0627. When all five kids are in the house, this corner is the perfect quiet place for Kimberlee to sit and write.

kimberlee_tall_0006_MIller Kimberlee's FEB21 Color Tour48

Georgia on My Mind | 0361

Henry, age 10, is a big fan of Star Wars, and chose Georgia on My Mind | 0361 for his bedroom- similar to the color Kimberlee selected for the family room.

kimberlee_tall_0007_MIller Kimberlee's FEB21 Color Tour50

Silky Mint | 0720

Madelyn, age 13, knew that she wanted a mint colored bedroom. Silky Mint | 0720 turned out to be just the right shade, and looks fantastic 与 the vibrant colors in her accessories and art.

kimberlee_wide_0005_MIller Kimberlee's FEB21 Color Tour35

Kimberlee 与 children Henry and Madelyn (and dogs Jojo and Tucker), in their Old School | 0410 family room in Southwest Portland.

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