COLOR TOUR: 香农的 “Re-use Everything Experience” House


Day Spa | 0634

香农的 beautiful home in Southeast Portland’s Westmoreland neighborhood is layered with color, texture and interesting objects- many of them repurposed and DIYed by Shannon herself. We asked what element of her home she loves the most: “现在? 肯定是我的前门. It’s always been a natural wood stain and last year I painted it Day Spa | 0634. 颜色是暖色的, 愉快的, inviting and on the whimsical side, just like my interior design and décor.” 身体: 费希尔国王|0 0577, 修剪: 糖粉| 0011


swatch_0009_Eugenia 0285

尤金尼亚| 0285

香农的 experience as an interior stylist and DIY guru is evident throughout her spacious floor plan. She finds color inspiration from many sources, including “home tours, hip hotels, and small businesses. I’m always intrigued by how others combine color into a space. I’ve never been an “all white walls” type of gal so when someone is able to capture a unique combination of colors together, 它让我停下脚步. 我就是喜欢它.” 墙: 尤金尼亚| 0285


禅修营| 0535

香农的 dining area embodies her DIY, upcycling spirit with it’s unique chandelier made from a repurposed shutter and vintage bottles. One of her favorite spaces in her home, it’s also an area she repaints often: “My dining room nook, I’ve changed four times in the last 12 years. 每面墙大部分都是窗户, so I use interior color choices to accent out门 colors and the cost is minimal. That’s the best part about paint. It’s the number one least expensive remodel tool that creates the biggest bang for your buck.” 餐厅角落墙: 禅修营| 0535


海豹滩| E0047

The open kitchen of walls painted in 尤金尼亚| 0285 和橱柜 糖粉| 0011. The eat-in bar is accented in 海豹滩| E0047.

swatch_0008_Farewell E0009

告别| E0009

The home office on 香农的 main floor plays cool walls painted in 告别| E0009 off of warm tones in the antique desk and cork flooring. Beautiful built-in shelving in 糖粉| 0011 looks fantastic in the space, and we love how Shannon brings even more color into the room with pops of vibrant 南瓜| E0086 后面的货架上.

swatch_0006_meadow grass 0756


When asked which room in her home Shannon enjoys the most, her answer is surprising: “Believe it or not, my laundry room. The light green walls and big windows make me happy when I’m washing darks.” 墙: 草甸草|00756

swatch_0005_Ocean crest 0502

海冠| 0502

What was the last thing you painted in your home? “我粉刷了儿子的卧室 海冠| 0502. 为什么? Because after twelve years of boyhood, those walls needed it!” Shannon also painted a dramatic black chalkboard wall behind the bed, which is modern and playful at the same time.

swatch_0004_Prairie Sand 0289

草原沙| 0289

香农的 草原沙| 0289 bedroom is an earthy, soothing sandy shade that is simultaneously warm and calm, “I’m a nonstop go-getter and DIYer that works constantly with color, so it’s important to me not to be distracted by poor color choices in interior spaces, 包括我自己. I need color balance to keep ME balanced.”


Luna Light | 0488

How did you determine the palette for the interior of your home- one room at a time or all at once? “Wham bam, all at once, 14 colors. My goal was to choose Pacific Northwest colors that harmonize with one another as you walk through the house, instead of color shock treatment. You know when sometimes you open a 门 to a room and say “whoa”, in not a good way? I try to avoid that at all costs!”  墙: Luna Light | 0488


糖粉| 0011

A serene multi-use space in 香农的 attic has played host to movie nights, 睡衣派对及其他活动. Pops of 香农的 favorite denim blue create an inviting spot to sit and take it all in. 墙: 香槟| E0143 柜子: 糖粉| 0011



香农的创造力, 的颜色, and dedication to DIY’ing are inspiring, and this bathroom in her home is a great example of that. 货物|0794 is a vibrant green with strong yellow undertones, an unexpected color for this space.


We asked Shannon why she chooses Miller Paint: “For all the right reasons- there’s a Miller Paint store that is walking distance from my house, and it’s a local company and being a native Oregonian, 这对我来说意义重大. But the biggest factor is the constant quality of the paint whenever and wherever I use it.”

Shannon Quimby is a stylist, DIY Guru and Color Expert. In the photo above, she is next to Miller Paint’s Top 10 Front Door Colors. 去澳门永利集团的 Facebook页面 to watch Shannon give her best color advice for your home.