Creating a Primary-Colored Kid’s Room

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Inspired by the fundamental building blocks of color- bold blue, yellow and red -create a confident and stimulating paint scheme of primary hues. Bring personality to your kids’ bedrooms, play areas and study spaces with this versatile and playful color scheme.

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Update your little ones play area with a black chalkboard wall to inspire study and imagination. Keep remaining walls bright and light with off-white Beryl Pearl | 0509 for a dynamic, monochrome effect. Introduce primary hues Peninsula | 0654, Glowing Lantern | 0941 and Moonrose | 1103 through engaging learning games, textiles and soft accessories.

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For a more grown up feel, ideal for a study used by the whole family, apply an all-round coat Beryl Pearl | 0509 and accent with bold primaries. By painting wooden shelving, wardrobes and cupboard doors, create an energized space with these vibrant pops of color - Peninsula | 0654, Glowing | Lantern 0941 and Moonrose | 1103.

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Perfect for little ones and teenagers alike, the mid-tone blue, Peninsula | 0654 is a soft and calming shade. Ideal for bringing color to bedrooms, blues bring clarity and support a good night’s sleep. Pair with the clean and crisp Beryl Pearl | 0509 and accent with Glowing Lantern | 0941 to create a youthful feature wall with stenciling.

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