PAINT THIS: Monochromatic Wall


Consider painting built-in cabinetry and trim the same color for a more modern approach to a traditional architectural element. We chose Vegetarian | 0430 to bring a contemporary yet grounded splash of color to this updated midcentury home in SW Portland.


What you will need:

  • 1 gallon Evolution Silk in Vegetarian | 0430 for the wall and built in
  • 1 quart Evolution Cabinet and Trim Satin in Rediscover | 0408 for the interior of the built in
  • 1 9” roller and tray
  • 2.5” angle sash brush
  • 1 mini roller and tray
  • Blue painter’s tape
  • Drop cloth
  • Step ladder
  • Sanding sponge (fine or medium)

How to:

1. Remove light switch covers and patch holes. Prep the area by protecting trim with blue painter’s tape and putting down a drop cloth. If the built-in cabinet has glossy paint on it, use the sanding sponge to give it a light sand. Wipe down to remove dust prior to painting. If the built-in cabinet was previously painted with oil-based paint, use Miller Paint’s All Purpose Stain-blocking Primer prior to topcoating.

wall_0005_IMG_9019 copy

2. Using your brush and 9” roller, cut in along the edges and paint one coat of  Vegetarian | 0430 on the wall. Let dry. Apply a second coat after 2 hours.

wall_0004_IMG_9017 copy

3. Begin painting the built-in cabinetry using the mini roller and brush. PRO TIP: Use the mini roller to get the paint on the surface. Then back brush the section moving the paint from top to bottom of the cabinet door to get an even brushstroke texture on the cabinet doors and remove the roller stipple. Work quickly and keep a wet edge. Let dry and apply a second coat after 2 hours.

wall_0003_Miller FEB22 Spring Color Trends11

4. Paint the inside of the cabinet. We choose a lighter hue for the interior as Rediscover | 0408 offers a subtle contrast buts keeps with the monochromatic vibe set forth by Vegetarian | 0430.

wall_0002_Miller FEB22 Spring Color Trends09

5. Wait at least 24 hrs to place items back on newly painted surfaces and to close the cabinet doors completely. Then, style your new dining room and get ready to host your next dinner party!