PAINT THIS: Striped Adirondacks

Striped Adirondacks

Summer porch time never looked so good! Give your wooden Adirondacks new life with this simple yet stunning DIY.

Paint, Primer, Brush

What you will need:

Clean Chair

How to:

1. Clean Adirondack of all dust, dirt and grime.

Paint Chair

2. Paint the entire chair with Miller Paint Stain Blocking Primer and let dry

3. Paint base coat color with Miller Paint, Casper White | E0157. Let dry. Two coats might be needed.

Tape Chair

4. With tape measure and pencil, measure and lightly make hash marks 4” wide for the center stripe of the chair. The hash marks will be used as a guide to position the painter’s tape.

5. Press firmly, a strip of painter’s tape along the outside edge of each pencil line.

Casper White | E0157

6. With the Casper White | E0157, paint approximately one inch past the inside tape line of the painter's tape. Make sure to overlap with paint on the tape too. This step is important, because it will create a crisp color line when the tape is removed after you paint the top color coat. Let dry.

7. Paint the center stripe Fog Hat | E0156. Let dry and apply a second coat. Remove tape slowly before paint dries then let dry.

Fog Hat | 0156

8. Measure and hash mark ½" past both outside edges of the gray stripe.

9. Press firmly, a strip of tape on each side of the gray stripe, lining each one along the hashmarks.

10. The tape will be partially overlapping the gray stripe, at the same time covering a ½” of the Casper White.

11. Measure and hash mark 2” away from the tape on each side.

12. Press firmly, a strip of tape along the outside edge of each hash mark.

13. With the Opal of Lorraine, paint between the strips of tape on each side. Two coats may be needed.

14. Slowly peel all painters tape away. Do this before the paint is dry.

15. After paint is dry, use the small detail paintbrush to touch up noticeable imperfections with coordinating colors.

New Chair

Sit back, relax, and enjoy your new chair!