A top quality, multipurpose acrylic enamel ideal for exterior/interior projects. Acrinamel provides an exceptionally durable finish for exterior and interior surfaces that require a moisture resistant, 可洗的涂料. Ideal for exterior metal and fine wood, as well as interior wood, masonry, and metal surfaces. 它的耐用, moisture-resistant film provides the performance of an enamel finish with the benefits of a water clean up and low odor.

  • High quality 100% acrylic enamel
  • Interior and exterior application
  • Excellent color and sheen retention
  • Early block resistance in darker colors
  • Excellent resistance to moisture
  • 水清理

For pricing and availability, please contact one of over 50 Miller Paint stores throughout Oregon, 华盛顿州和爱达荷州. Also available at many authorized dealers.



Ideal for projects where a deep, rich look is desired yet only a minimal sheen is needed. Also applicable for commercial or residential projects that require minimal washability such as conference rooms, 客厅, 或者卧室.



This finish will minimize dirt pick-up and is washable. With the hard finish of an enamel, a satin finish can also be used on interior walls where a strong, durable moisture resistant surface is needed. Best used when the surface is free of major imperfections. Use in applications such as interior primed smooth or rough walls, exterior or interior finish grade wood 修剪, 或底漆金属表面.




This high-sheen product is very washable and perfect for areas that are more susceptible to dirt, 油脂, 和水分. Use in applications such as institutional walls, 修剪, 潮湿地区, exterior or interior doors, exterior or interior finish grade wood 修剪, 或底漆金属表面.



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    Approximately 350-400 square feet per gallon @ 1.5个干粉碎机. Two coats recommended for even coverage. 报道 depends on porosity and profile of the surface.

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    1 hour to touch, and 4 hours for recoat at 70°F and 50% relative humidity.

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    Never pour leftover material down any sink or drain. Use up material on the job, or seal can and store safely for future use. Do not incinerate closed containers. For specific disposal guidelines contact your local waste management agency or visit 请重复使用或回收.


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    修复 cracks and fill voids with a paintable patching/caulking material. Degloss all shiny, smooth, hard, or glossy surfaces by lightly sanding. Remove all loose and scaling paint.

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    清洁 all paintable surfaces to be free of dirt, dust, oil, 油脂, wax, and other contaminants. Rinse and allow surface to dry completely.

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    主要的 unsealed surfaces such as ferrous metal, 石膏/墙板, 雪松, 红木, and other wood surfaces that may contain tannins or water stains with an appropriate Miller Paint primer. Test for adhesion and compatibility when painting over existing finishes.

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    搅拌 使用前彻底清洗. 不建议稀释. If necessary, use a small amount of clean tap water. Do not use solvent to thin.

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    应用 using nylon or synthetic brush, pad, roller, or spray. Do not apply when surface temperatures are below 35°F or when temperatures are expected to drop below 35°F within 24 hours. 防止产品结冰.

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    清理 by removing all paint spatters, and wash all brushes and equipment immediately with warm soapy water. 然后用清水冲洗.

Blistering and peeling of exterior house paints down to the bare wood is usually caused by moisture behind the paint film. Moisture pressure forces the paint away from the surface. Sources of excess moisture in the wood must be eliminated prior to repainting. 老, unsound multiple coat paint systems may be subject to peeling when repainted due to the added weight and stress created by paint layers. In such cases, all old paint layers must be removed back to bare wood before repainting.

The contents of this can should be well stirred or boxed by pouring from one can to another to assure color uniformity. More than one can of the same color should be mixed together as you progress with your work. Check color before painting, not responsible for application of wrong shade. Custom colors are not returnable.

Specifications for Acri-Lite

体积固体 35.9% 32.1% 33.2%
粘度 100-105 KU 100-105 KU 100-105 KU
每加仑重量 11.01 (LB) 10.67 (LB) 10.39 (LB)
光泽 5-10%@60° 10-20%@60° 45-55%@60°
挥发性有机化合物*(减去水) <50 g/L 48.9 g/L 47.5 g/L