Tried + True Navy Blue

The Stratosphere | 0627

Blue is one of the most trusted colors in the spectrum. Its versatility is unmatched and its staying power is designer-approved. Navy blue is a color that we can rely on for almost every style and application. Take Into The Stratosphere | 0627 – a classic shade that pops when paired with everything from white accents to natural elements. Not too red and not too green, you could call this hue the perfect navy blue.

Deep Waters | E0025

Deep Waters | E0025 embodies rest, relaxation, and calm. This hue is perfect for bedrooms and sleep spaces, as it sets a chill vibe with our being too cold.

Blue Depths | 0626

Everyone loves a blue room, but which shade of blue? Blue Depths | 0626 is the go-to blue when you want to make a statement but not go too dark. Navy with just a few drops of white to lighten its load, this color begs to be in paired with crisp white furniture to increase its modern leanings.

Honky Tonk Blue | 0619

Want just a little bit of blue? Try accenting a kitchen island. Honky Tonk Blue | 0619 has periwinkle undertones, which give this blue a push to the purple side and adds a complexity to any interior.

Saxon Blue | H0052

Saxon Blue | H0052 is a no-fail navy. The slightest hint of warmth makes this color lean between gray and green depending on the light, all the while staying stuck in blue. Try on cabinetry or furniture to add sophistication and style to your design.

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